Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Family and Me

I just love my family! They are the MOST important thing in my life! They include me in every aspect of their lives. Am I the luckyest dog in the whole wide world... You bet I am! They tell me all the time how much they love me.. What more can a boy like me ask for?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jaeger is settling in nicely at his foster home...

Jaeger is adjusting to foster care and is bonding quickly to his new foster mom and dad- in fact the first night he slept all night long snuggling next to his foster daddy.

Jaeger is food motivated, perfect for Obedience or Agility training and he is very attentive. He is house-broken, cage trained and almost Invisible fence trained. Jaeger is also cat tested safe and very good with school aged children. He will make a fantastic pet for a very lucky family!

Jaeger loves the outdoors

Jaeger (the German word for "hunter") is the true outdoorsman. He can't get enough of romping around.

Jaeger's fun day at East Branch Dog Training Park

Jaeger seems to be of pet quality and is just starved for attention. WHAT A NICE PUPPY, TOO! We had Jager at the East Branch dog park today for his first off leash run. He stayed within 75 yards for the most part and learned to run with more confidence when he ran with Thelmalou the English Setter. As we had huge storms the day before, the dog park was flooded and Jager had a great time romping in the flooded water surrounding the big lakes. We did try to get him to swim a little- but he was a little unsure. Once he gains some more confidence- he should be an olympic swimmer.

Who's the new boy in town???

Jaegermeister is an 8-10 month old GSP puppy, maybe half Vizsla. He will grow to be about 55lbs as an adult- but his features are very fine tuned- more like the build of a Vizsla. He was just rescued by IBR from an over-crowded shelter on the IA/IL border.